CT Passenger provides shopper services for people that find it difficult or impossible to use normal public transport.

As a wheelchair user the service provides affordable door to door transport.  Our drivers are professional, helpful and will assist you with your shopping bags

Many of these services are run by Community Transport in partnership with local councils  or transport authorities and take people to major supermarkets, in areas of the West Midlands and the  North East.

Our driver will collect you from your home so there is no need for you to wait at a bus stop to be collected. We will then  take you to a pre-arranged local supermarket or shopping centre.

Once there you will have an agreed amount of time to complete your shopping without having to rush. Some of our shopper services allow you to ‘buy and bite’ - do your shopping and have a meal or snack, giving the opportunity to meet socially with others.

The driver will meet you at the arranged time outside the supermarket or shopping centre, take you home and carry your shopping back to your front door.

If you are interested in booking a space or want to find out more, contact your local CT Passenger office 

Coronavirus update

Due to many people having to self-isolate, we are providing a new food delivery service in the South Staffordshire and Coventry areas in the west Midlands and across the North East to bring your essential items of shopping to you. We follow social distancing guidelines therefore provide contactless delivery to your doorstep.

The service is a lifeline to me.  Living in a rural area, 84 years old, visually impaired and living alone this service is so important.  Thank you

We live in sheltered accommodation and we are so grateful that we can have our shopping done as we are all in our 80’s and 90’s.  Thank you all so much.

Please keep up the good work you are doing during this terrible time.  It is well appreciated.