CT Passenger has a wide range of minibuses, including a large number that are fully wheelchair accessible. Our minibuses can seat upto 16 passengers. 

Group travel is a service that exists  to help local communities to get out and about. It is  aimed at voluntary and community organisations, sports clubs, faith groups, schools, health groups and much more. Traditional Group Travel is not open to commercial or profit-making organisations or individuals due to current licencing restrictions. To use our Group Travel services your group needs to be registered with us.  Please contact your nearest CT Passenger Office for further information.

There may be occasions for your group members to travel as a group, such as social events, to see a show, go out on a day trip or simply going shopping, to join a  lunch club or day-centre for social interaction with friends and receive  support in tackling loneliness and isolation.

For others, it’s a way of taking part in activities  and living a fuller life. Many people find our services a  lifeline as it is door-to-door accessible and affordable transport for people who may struggle to use to use mainstream transport due to mobility or other difficulties, or because public transport is unavailable in their area. We take great pride in catering to our service users  requests and work to ensure that we can transport your group members to the right destination at the right time, with ease and in comfort.

With CT Passenger services, you can hire a minibus for group travel, along with a driver who will be available to get your group to your chosen destination:

  • Accessible and non-accessible minibuses

  • Available Monday to Sunday – day and night

  • At competitive prices

Alternatively, if you have a valid D1 license and have completed the required training, you can hire a bus on a self-drive basis.

See more information about hiring your minibus and to enquire about to making a booking use the link below

Hire your minibus