Here are just a few of the wonderful things our customers say about CT Passenger and Furniture Services

"Our Driver is excellent, very helpful and caring. He is the best we have. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't go out at nighttime which is the only time I have company with others. I am very grateful we will have you around for a long time to come."

"I would not go out of I did not have the bus. Very grateful."

"Drivers are very professional helpful and flexible and friendly. Exactly what you would want. We need a self hire bus to take young people to youth events and camps lasting several days. Other companies are several miles away. CT is friendly, local flexible and has nicely maintained buses. Great service providing transport and furniture to needy people."

"Very good service. Excellent Driver always helpful when needed."

"Driver is very polite and helps with anything we need."

"Very good indeed, would be lost without it."

"This service means I can go to my local club on Friday and Saturday nights and keeps me in touch with friends. It is a lifeline for me as I am confined to my wheelchair. It is a wonderful service for any disabled person. Drivers are very good especially David (Bank Top Bus) He is so helpful and considers all your needs. He is very pleasant and friendly and efficient and lovely friendly personality."

"This means I can go shopping. It's always a brilliant service and the two Drivers we have are always very helpful and kind. They cannot do enough for us I look forward to seeing them - keep up the good work."

"Extremely helpful and welcoming driver and helped me with my questions and queries. It provides convenience and very good service for a good price."

"Everyone is very helpful, all my questions were answered and felt the support especially as it was my first visit, so I was a bit worried and confused before using it. But everything went the best possible way it could have gone. Good job to everyone."

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