Taking the stress out of significant changes

Life is busy, and when life-changing events like finding or moving to a new home, office or dealing with a bereavement take place, it can be stressful.

This is why CT Furniture collects domestic and office furniture from residents, businesses and community organisations in the North East and West Midlands (and further afield for extensive office collections).

Helping the environment is easy when you know-how

One of the other great benefits of donating to CT Furniture is that you are also helping the environment while doing so.

When you pick up the phone or donate through the website, items are diverted from landfill, keeping our green spaces greener and reducing the number of emissions released during the recycling process.

The greenhouse effect is a process that occurs when gases in Earth's atmosphere trap the Sun's heat. This process makes Earth much warmer than it would be without an atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is one of the things that makes Earth a comfortable place to live.

What difference does this make? 

When items are recycled via landfills, emissions such as methane and carbon dioxide are released. Methane is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide, however, both these gases contribute to smog and increase health problems for the population.

There are a multitude of other benefits too

In addition to helping the environment by donating goods to CT Furniture, you are also helping to:

  • Support families and individuals at transitional stages in their lives, find what makes a house a home and alleviate poverty

  • Support individuals to learn new skills and gain satisfaction by enabling them to purchase and upcycle items that fit their style and taste.

  • Enable volunteers to gain retail, customer service, driving, manual handling and administrative skills that will contribute to their personal and professional development

Donate household furniture

Donate office and commercial furniture