The purpose of our MiDAS refresher training is to inform candidates of any new information and changes in legislation. Candidates will receive refresher training on key skills.

To be eligible for a Refresher MiDAS course you will need to book your session prior to your MiDAS certificate expiring. 

They will also be given a re-assessment of their driving skills.

Training can take place at your own site, (a suitable room and use of a minibus is required.) If you require our trainer to train at your site, a  mileage charge will be added to your total bill to cover the cost of the trainers travel.

If a visit to your site is required to carry out the training, and you don’t have your own minibus for use, we are able to bring one along, however, this would incur a £50.00 hire charge.

We also have training facilities at our branches in Birmingham or Bilston if you prefer to to travel to us.

We deliver MiDAS training across the North East and the West Midlands.