An award winning, nationally recognised standard for accessible minibus driver training, MiDAS is for those who drive a minibus on a voluntary and occasional basis and transport people with  a disability or mobility issues and wheelchair users. 

Delegates attend  interactive sessions covering legal responsibilities, Safeguarding, defensive driving, breakdown procedures and passenger safety, followed by an on-road driving assessment with personal feedback.

Training is delivered in three parts;

  • The first part comprises of an interactive classroom session covering legal responsibilities, defensive driving, breakdown procedures and passenger safety.
  • The second part comprises of a multiple choice theory assessment.
  • The third part comprises of a practical driving assessment with the trainer and covers practical elements, such as supporting passengers with disabilities, assisting wheelchair users and looking after children and older people. This will be carried out under test conditions.

Training usually takes 4 to 5 hours to complete, and the preference is to hold  in groups of one to four people, as this allows sufficient time to be able to complete the practical assessments in one day.

Due to Accessible MiDAS training having a higher degree of content than the Standard course, it can take between 5 - 7 hours to complete for groups of one to three people, as this allows enough time to be able to complete the practical assessments on the same day.

Once the course has been completed, successful candidates will:

  • Be trained to  Accessible MiDAS standard which may be  acknowledge by a range of insurers in reducing premiums
  • Know how to transport passengers in a safe manner
  • Receive a Certificate that lasts for four years. After this time a MiDAS Refresher course can be provided by CT Training. 

If a visit to your site is required to carry out the training, and you do not have your own minibus, CT can provide a suitable vehicle at an additional cost.

CT Training has training facilities at our sites in Birmingham, Bilston and Newcastle if you prefer to travel to us.

MiDAS Refresher course

Your MiDAS certification will  last for four years, however CT Training can provide an Accessible MiDas Refresher course to inform candidates of any new best practice guidance, changes in legislation and refresh minibus driving skills.

We deliver MiDAS training across the North East and the West Midlands.