CT Passenger have started three extra school routes for Wolverhampton Council, which take the number of passenger contracts to nine routes.

These extra routes will connect Pennfields School, Wolverhampton and each route has 5 children and one Pupil Guide travelling. Starting at the end November 2020, these term-time only routes will run weekdays and are in addition to three other routes, at the same school. The school looks after pupils with moderate and complex learning difficulties. The children that travel vary in age on each route, but the majority are aged between 5 and 11 years.  CTP Wolverhampton now transports a total over 30 pupils to this school on 6 routes.

We now need to recruit 3 drivers and will need to move two vehicles from our Birmingham depot and lease one extra vehicle to the fleet.

CT Passenger has 3 other contracts for Wolverhampton Council each one to a different school. 

In total for Wolverhampton Education CTP transports 58 pupils a day, with 3 other contracts for different schools.