In December, the team at the Birmingham CT Passenger site had a visit from Birmingham City Council (BCC). They were conducting an onsite compliance review to ensure that the team were working to the standards required for Operator Licencing, necessary for us to continue providing our minibus services.

The great news is that the site was awarded an initial score of 80% compliance. BCC investigators told the CTP staff that “in 40 years of auditing, for an organisation to hit 80%, at a first audit, with no recommendations yet actioned, is almost unheard of.” This also meant that for a time, this 80% score put them at the top of all audited companies. A great achievement!

Since December, the site has dropped to a still impressive 3rd place, below an 85% and 84% score. But this is only because two companies have been revisited and have put right any concerns. They have suggested that, should they be able to right the concerns, they should easily be hitting 90%.

That is fantastic news. A credit to the teams at the sites, but mainly Rafal Piecha, Passenger Services Manager and Tom Kelly, Passenger Services Administrator, for putting in the work.

We are now aiming to replicate these levels of scores across all sites and services.

A note from Rafal Piecha, Passenger Services Manager about the scoring: “93% is the maximum we can achieve. The main reason for this is that we are not operating under full ‘O’ licence and only under Section 19 permit. Therefore, full 100% scoring is not achievable for us because some of the questions are simply not relevant. As it stands our 100% target, is the auditors 93%. Which means that in realistic terms our score of 80% falls in region of 86% of available auditors scoring.”

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