Yes, they are over 8,000km apart, but Scandinavia and Japan do share something in common. When it comes to design, and in particular with interior design and furniture, both regions share a love for simplicity, minimalism, a focus on natural materials, and a deep respect for craftmanship.

They are perfect for fusing together, so blend the two and you have 'Japandi' or 'Japanese Scandi-navian'.

Japandi = simplicity!

But, there is more to this than a shared love of a particular design philosophy. Japandi is also making headlines due in part to a desire to have slower times in our lives, as an escape from a hectic, deadline driven, work and home life. This desire for 'slow life' is mirrored in the time it takes to craft an item in Japan and Scandinavian countries such as Denmark. Also, the marrying together of the Nordic idea of 'hygge' (meaning a homely feeling of cosiness) and the Japanese 'wabi-sabi' (finding beauty in imperfection), come together perfectly to create a more relaxed, stress free environment.

The move recently to more eco friendly designs and materials also fits perfectly with Japadi, as both regions have championed the use of natural materials for centuries. With Japandi - less is more!

"In Japan and Scandinavia, there’s that appreciation of things that are made by hand, made with care, and made to last" – Nina Tolstrup

So, how does this fusing of Japan and Scandinavia translate into furniture?

Think nature, natural wood, furniture from Japan and the Nordic countries, and functional accessories.

A hallmark is mixing lighter Scandinavian woods with the darker tones favoured by the Japanese.

This table is a great example:

We recently had this chair for sale, in one of our Midlands stores, which was a great example of Japandi:

Simple design, clean lines, natural wood legs, team this with a neutral knitted cushion or throw.

This wood dining set (also in the same CT store) again demonstrates the Japandi hallmarks:

Again - simple design, clean lines, natural wood, the darker natural wood contrasting with the pure white of the table legs and chair frames.

Whether your tastes coincide with Japandi, or you prefer something with more pizzazz, you'll find plenty of quality examples in any of our CT Furniture stores. Don't forget, you can visit our stores in person, or browse our selections in the shop section of the website.