At the moment, we're still enjoying the long summer evenings and maybe getting ready to hit the beach. In the world of furniture though, things never take a break. 2022 will see subtle but definite changes in colours, styles, materials and how homes will function. Let's take a glimpse at what's likely to change with colours and materials.

Grey has been the dominant colour for the past few years as more neutral tones have taken over. It has to be a 'warm' grey though, creating the 'greige' hybrid of grey and beige.

It won't disappear overnight, but we will start to see a change.

For 2022 the focus is shifting to beige and sand as the colours of choice, emphasising more warmer and natural neutral tones. 

beige coloured furniture

If any further proof were needed, Dulux have recently announced 'Brave Ground' as their colour for 2021.

For a complimentary colour, classic blue was the one to choose this year. The US company Benjamin Moore chose 'Aegean Teal' as their 2021 colour of the year.

The emphasis, during this past year of lockdowns and uncertainty, is one for colours to be calm, relaxing and inspired by nature.

This natural theme will also feature prominently in the materials for furniture. Wood, particularly lighter woods,  natural, and sustainably sourced, will be more popular. We have a great example at the Bilston store, a fantastic solid wood dining table, with the chair seats in rattan.

solid wood dining table

For other items around the home, stone in the form of marble, onyx, and natural brick plaster will feature far more. Marble in particular will become one of THE materials for 2022, both in furniture and in more general uses, as giant wall tiles for instance.

Whatever is going to be the next 'must have', CT Furniture will always have great furniture in stock, so pop into one of our stores, or browse our selection online.