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Vision, Mission, and Values of Community Transport

Community Transport welcomes and supports people with strong values, imagination, and flair.

All our people – employees, volunteers and trainees on placement – have a role to play in contributing ideas and skills to make our services a byword for quality, safety, social and environmental impact.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Customer care
  • Value for money
  • Attention to detail

We are committed to a style of working that wins new business and attracts investment for staff development, new vehicles and better premises.


Our vision is of a sustainable and enterprising organisation working with local communities to meet needs and create opportunities.


To bring people and opportunities together to help transform lives and build better communities.


In line with the mission, 5 values have been developed which underpin all of our work:

1. Excellence: To have a sustainable organisation committed to the provision and expansion of levels of service to meet the needs of the community which sets high standards of service delivery, shares and develops knowledge and best practice, and which engages with and builds upon the strengths of its staff, volunteers, and trainees.

2. Engagement: To work collaboratively with people and organisations at local, regional and national levels, communicating openly both internally and externally and ensuring that we are a listening, inspiring, and empowering organisation.

3. Ethical: To be considerate and transparent in all our dealings basing our relationships upon respect, trust and mutuality and using our resources both effectively and responsibly.

4. Enterprise: To work strategically, be entrepreneurial, innovative and imaginative, to be needs responsive and to deliver added value efficiently to underpin long term sustainability.

5. Equality: To ensure equal opportunities, respect and fairness for all and to champion social change and inclusiveness through diversity, accessibility and by example.

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